True Flat World: a preview


Thomas L. Friedman, the author of “The World Is Flat: A Brief History of the Twenty-first Century,” endorsed with a tweet the story “Begin The World Again.” It happened that yesterday I replied a tweet that mentioned one of Friedman’s suggestion, which is why today I checked Friedman’s tweets and found about that story that fits with my reply. Please take a look at the 3 tweets next.

Tweet 1

Tweet 2

Translated it says, “In the case of the USA, an intellectual of the category of T. L. Friedman considers that closing the economy completely could cause more deaths than COVID-19 in the not-too-distant future. Controversy is inevitable. It is served.”

Tweet 3

My reply says: “T. L. Friedman is a good ideas’ interediary, but the category varies. The controversy is avoidable in the days of #COVID19. In the case of globalization he was very bad (quotes from reviewers will be added on the next draft). He is the one I mean by my story.”

The tittle of my response is a translation of the title of my story. However, the translation has two differences with the original. As seen above, it converted tweets and below it upgrades it a bit by having hashtags, some of which correspond to words emerging from my systems architecting effort to express reality, that I have coined during my experiments on the #SocialBusiness3DoC subset of Twitter #SocialMedia, where 3DoC is short for #3rdDegreeOfClarity.

While I claim my story is meant to approximate the #3rdDegreeOfClarity by being based on #APosterioriBehavior experiments, I claim that the story “Begin The World Again,” which has very interesting material for my next draft, is limited to the #2ndDegreeOfClarity, meaning that it is based on #APrioriThought. The difference between the approaches is about minimizing and allowing unintended consequences, respectably.


In response to “please comment on this image,” one of my sisters asked me what does the cloud versus the rectangle mean? I replied thank you. Good question. I did it without much thought, but I can rationalize that the cloud is an ideal and the rectangle is a concept that serves that idea. My request is still open, “please comment on this image,” to complete this story with the definitive version of that image, claiming my role as a pioneer #HomoPragmaticist, until proven otherwise.

An advance on the True Flat World

Below you can find the answer I received from Felipe (from whom I deleted his last name) to the message with the subject “How to Avoid the ‘Greater Depression,’” that I sent in this link -avoid-greater-depression-jos% C3% A9-antonio-vanderhorst-silverio /.

Dear Felipe,

Thank you very much for your reflection. Starting at the end, are you one of those sponge lords?

Going back to the beginning, the notions that the intermediaries of ideas of Marx, Hayek, of the Contemporary Age, or Machiavelli, of the Modern Age, correspond respectively to the growing #DarkGlobalization that began with the attempt of the Free Trade Area of the Americas and #Deglobalization that responded by dividing the G7 of the West into G4 and G3, also respectively.

These notions, which continue to depart from what was believed to be science, with #APrioriThought, have generated increasing “unintended” situations since the arrival of the #Cybernetic​​Age, during the Second World War, with initial nuances of social outbursts during the Cold War in Guatemala, Cuba, Chile, and the Dominican Republic. Of course, I can say that from the stands.

I think you misunderstood Schumpeter. There has been no free trade since the World Trade Organization began to be destroyed, when the deceptive free trade agreements that fueled Dark Globalization began. Marx and Engels should not be linked with Schumpeter. The first ones, which maintain the size of the wealth pie, distribute poverty, Schumpeter advocates increasing the wealth pie, with its creative destruction, suggesting the arrival of the #BrightGlobalization.

I returned to Victor Hugo with the idea of ​​#TheWealthOfGlobalization, whose time has come as a Cultural Singularity, to support the idea of ​​the destruction of #TheWealthOfNations, which myopically protects, with the #DarkGlobalization, the Fourth Industrial Revolution (#4IR) and the Technological Singularity. The best experts in Scenario Planning, from the companies Deloitte and Salesforce recently met and presented 4 scenarios, three of which I suggest correspond to illusions of continuing to spread #TheWealthOfNations, well beyond its useful life. The fourth scenario corresponds to the (above mentioned) Greater Depression that I suggest how to avoid.

I love the theme of bringing creative destruction to the church, but for you it is very delicate. Should (Pope) Francis be separated from the central power of the church, as should politics also be separated, changing to decentralized power? This is how I suggest that the process of making the earth flat begins.

Felipe’s message

Asking for help. Not monetary, but in a more valuable currency: the universe of ideas.

Don Jose Antonio: Thank you for your always provocative notes.

My biases first. My experience, studies and knowledge network have led me to conclude two simple notions: competitive capitalism far exceeds all social systems in the production of goods and services. And the big communities (countries) ruled by bureaucracies are a disaster.

But like Marx and Engels since the radical change, or Schumpter, within their business foundation, they applauded or feared concentration, by destroying competition they would destroy capitalism by the monopolistic accumulation of an ever smaller number of eternal companies. Without competition, only beastly capitalism remains.

And like hungry greedy beasts, the more they have, the more they destroy the income of workers and social networks. Within their inhuman schemes, they annoy the elderly and vulnerable. We return to Dickens and Hugo.

This trend stands out in American capitalism today. The Trumpist model, supported by a cult similar to those inspired by Hitler, Mussolini, Franco and the multiple leaders in Asia and Africa, imposes bestial capitalism. The Latin American cults have been overshadowed by fanatical followers of the cruel Trujillo, Castro, and Pinochet.

The two main controls on raw capitalism, Schumpeter innovation and global free trade have become the worst enemies of these beastly and anti-capitalist tendencies. Because in one way or another, they foster competition.

The dynamic that we live forces me to retake the social doctrine of the Church, starting from the Sermon on the Mount and the Rerum Novarun, and culminating with our Holy Father Francis and his synthesis of prosperity, the environment and social justice.

In fact, I am working on an outline of the ISD configured by the market for contemporary ideas and paradigms (for example, UBI, Rampant Corruption, AI, robotics, and decent employment).

It is only a humble effort to demystify hatred that cults celebrate and an avenue for the fourth industrial revolution. I am bitter with sadness every time I am accused of being a communist for defending programs that dignify humble work and seek to eradicate hunger, irresponsible abortion and respect for women’s rights. Suggestions needed. All kinds of opinions and criticism welcome.

More in the future.

Continue your necessary work,

Felipe …

Hashtags on what I stand for: 1 “There is nothing so powerful as #TheWealthOfGlobalization whose time has come;” 2 #BrightGlobalization; 3 #SystemicCivilization

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Jose A Vanderhorst S

Jose A Vanderhorst S

Hashtags on what I stand for: 1 “There is nothing so powerful as #TheWealthOfGlobalization whose time has come;” 2 #BrightGlobalization; 3 #SystemicCivilization

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