The #ComputingBigShift gyms

This is an update to a reply to the tweet Geoffrey Moore[Link 1] #DigitalTransformation is the new mandate, and rightly so, but a number of #ExecutiveTeams are failing to get traction because they are misconceiving the very nature of the effort. #digital #CIO #Leadership #Management.

This is the tweet.

And this is Link 1.

That must read article to make sense of what follows has the insightful subtitle “You’re not going to a restaurant — you’re going to the gym!

The update is to my comment on LinkedIn that may not survive is to articulate that there are two gyms. One for #TheWealthOfGlobalization, for example, to dissolve #Brexit “wicked” problem, end soaring inequality and the global leadership vacuum due to centralized governments, and the other for #TheWealthOfNations that should have been replaced decades ago when Margaret Thatcher issued the narrative that there was no alternative to neoliberalism. Details can be found on Tweet #5 of the story “On the #ComputngBigShift” whose access is below.

I tried to see if my non-money replies of the first time were under the article.

They either were deleted or I am just unable to see them. However, I found what I say the helps support this update.

Our first comment:

•Dear Geoff, thank you! Would it make any sense to differentiate S-curves and J-curves if we approximate B2B as #Fordism (after Henry Ford) and B2C as #Jobsism (after Steve Jobs) cultures? Those approximations suggest that the #Fordism culture applies for the late stages of the 500 years old #PrintingBigShift, while the emerging 1 or 2 decades old #Jobsism culture is in the first stage of the #ComputingBigShift. For us, all those hashtags are being considered as knowledge flows in Twitter, as we learn from the emergent future on a much needed vocabulary to make sense of reality.

Our second comment:

•Dear Geoff: thank you for your kind response. I love your conclusion in your post “Understand Power in the Digital Economy” which says: “That’s what I think. What do you think?”

•Next is what we think. By “we” it is meant all those systemic thinkers, for example, Charles Sanders Peirce, W. Edwards Deming, Eberhardt Rechtin, Peter Senge, as well as other thinkers, also for example, Stephen R. Covey, Peter Koestenbaum, Peter F. Drucker, Jim Collins, Carlota Pérez, Eamonn Kelly, Barbara W. Tuchman, on whose shoulders I have been on, and also all those few who have followed, from time to time, my though experiments intended to learn from the emergent future on Twitter.

•As a result of the #ComputingBigShift we are now able to create the #SystemicCivilization. We are able, since in a long Twitter conversation (in the account @gmh_upsa), we have learned that #TheWealthOfGlobalization has already emerged. In fact, we must no longer be in the #IndustrialCivilization under #TheWealthOfNations. Power should shift towards #GreatCapitalism (for the many) and away from #GoodCapitalism (for the few).

End of the update.

Next is my reply in LinkedIn with the third paragraph edited to benefit from Medium interface.

Dear Geoffrey. This is my second time with a non-money economy response to your money economy “What do you think?” I believe the analogies of getting out the restaurant and getting in the gym are beautiful. Now, as the late Michael Hammer admitted in his book the Agenda we are not longer only on the reengineering “silver bullet” anymore. Reengineering is about transition, not transformation.

In fact, all you can get with reengineering is a Digital Transition in accordance with the Fourth Industrial Revolution of the World Economic Forum, as I suggested earlier in the image “Is transformation or transition the reform vocabulary needed by Macron?,” that is shared in the image of this comment.

Since then, the “information revolution” has been upgraded to Big Shifts, as can be seen in the story

Please tell us again with a non-money economy response like the first time.



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Hashtags on what I stand for: 1 “There is nothing so powerful as #TheWealthOfGlobalization whose time has come;” 2 #BrightGlobalization; 3 #SystemicCivilization