Taking #GlobalDebout on a first come, first serve, basis to the #BG_NS

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In that article, Adam Kahane show 4 ways to deal with problematic situations. In two of them it was possible to change the situation, but not in the other two. Collaborate and Force are the two ways for change. As maybe Force is too strong a word, from the perspective of systems architecting, the heuristic methodology offers “Facts of Life” that replace “Force” as I suggested in the next story, that involve the #DeGlobaliization instance of Zeynep Tufekci’s article.

Such a “Fact of Life” to help emerge a highly democratic global order needs not be forced to help emerge with the Bright Globalization as a North Star, as suggested, for example,by this partial story:

As can be seen in the following tweet, I am now ready to use the participative methodology of systems architecting to take global politics to the #BG_NS.

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Having said that it is not “unilaterally by force,” but by the heuristic “Fact of Life,” of systems architecting, now I add that under the topic “What are the most important books, articles, videos, podcasts you’ve read/listened to/watched that relate to technology, social norms and political movements?,” of the Humane Tech Community, I had written that:

I strongly recommend the article How social media took us from Tahrir Square to Donald Trump by Zeynep Tufekci (which updates her Ted Talk video resource) as one of the most important resource to this topic. I also suggest that it fits nicely with the ongoing topic “Is it possible that this community is dealing with a wicked problem?”

Before I could fit nicely into the structure of the #Systemic Civilization, the emotional instances of the Arab Spring to #GlobalDebout and Trump to #DeGlobalzation, I said that:

I found that most of Zeynep Tufekci said in her Ted Talk was very valuable and central to this forum. I find that her new August 14 2018 article for the MIT Technology Review I added to this topic is even more valuable, as we are now converging towards the Third Degree of Clarity.

However, I need to disclose that I tweeted a question to her (and repeated it to a few of the ongoing tweets conversations) associated with the shared image added here and she blocked my Twitter account. For your consideration, next is the text of my tweet followed be the image:

@ zeynep If # AI is ready to enable # PersonalTrust , Can trust govern rather than money? # GlobalDebout ( # 15M # EuropeINfor ex. from # UY # Spain # Venezuela # USA # UK # DomRep ) Ref: “How management, workers and society might benefit with #TheBeginnersCreed

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As currency money governs as short run financial capital on the industrial civilization, we learn to update how to deal with impersonal trust, that fits with long run production capital, on the #SystemicCivilization in the next two tweets.

After that, a more complete insight emerged in this tweet to support a referendum for the European Union, which of course is easy to generalize for the creation of the #SystemicCivilization:

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Hashtags on what I stand for: 1 “There is nothing so powerful as #TheWealthOfGlobalization whose time has come;” 2 #BrightGlobalization; 3 #SystemicCivilization

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