Second response. Economics Transformation

Jose A Vanderhorst S
2 min readJul 30, 2022

What follows is just a tip of the iceberg to support the LinkedIn post “Transformation first, Adaptation second.” Most academics and lay(wo)man need to upgrade their skills to properly navigate #Hashtags_Networks. The aim of this response is limited to highlight the difference between Rethinking Economics and Rearchitecting Economics.

Applying the last sentence of Senge’s quote, “Your primary influence is the environment you create,” Economics on the subtitle of the book “Small is Beautiful,” strongly reinforces the story being responded. Economics under #TheWealthOfNations framework, nation’s enviroments primary influence of central governments had been decreasing as the penetration of globalization had increased.

That’s why the global environment needed to be created with a new metaphor. This corresponds to Tweet 3 of the “#MakingItAllWork #Hashtags_Network.”

Following up the #RethinkingEconomics movement, which corresponds to the Transition metaphor, to continue under #TheWealthOfNations framework has been going in the wrong direction. Rearchitecting Economics corresponds to the creation of the global environment with the Transformation metaphor. That’s how #TheWealthOfGlobalization framework emerged by using systems architecting.

Those quite different metaphors stated to diverge, for example, in the following exchange of the “8th Way to Think competition,” where my entry was considered, exactly, as just another way to think.

The result of my participation on The 8th Way to Think was a paradigm shift from the Industrial Civilization into what I had coined as the Systemic Civilization. The characteristic of that story is that of #Hashtags_Networks, for example, aceptable replies must be with insights that are meant to minimize unintended consequences.

Response ends.

Jose A Vanderhorst S

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