Might Peter #Drucker’s new management paradigm help avoid #TheBoPReckoning?

Jose A Vanderhorst S
4 min readFeb 14, 2018


Can this be a timely update to the following “right wall” narrative that tell us with the indirect help of the late Peter Drucker that the management paradigm of #TheWealthOfNations is in the #FakeNews’ prone wrong strategic wall to “Begin with the End in Mind”?

About an emerging lexicon: #TheWealthOfNations and #FakeNews are two of many #SystemicCivilization Twitter’s hashtags knowledge flows included, for example, in the “right wall” narrative to which we here add #TheBoPReckoning, with BoP as Bottom of the Pyramid.

Can the whole must read and very timely post The Reckoning, written by Stuart L. Hart, be the result of leaning against said wrong wall? Can what’s quoted next from that post be evidence of being under the #DarkGlobalization of #TheWealthOfNations as mentioned in the “right wall” narrative?

Now, twenty years later, I write with some good news and some bad news.

First the good news: A growing number of corporations, entrepreneurs, multilaterals and NGOs have launched “beyond greening” business initiatives. Indeed, “clean technology” has become a large and growing investment category with more than a quarter billion dollars of investment each year. And, my 2002 article with C.K. Prahalad entitled “The Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid” helped to ignite a new business-led movement described variously as “social entrepreneurship,” “inclusive business,” “sustainable livelihoods,” “opportunities for the majority,” and most recently, “shared value.” And, most recently, the advent of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) has served to reinforce the scale and scope of the social and environmental challenges we continue to face.

Now for the bad news: We have not yet begun to fundamentally change the unsustainable trajectory of the global economy. Instead, over the past twenty years, we have added nearly two billion more people to the global population and further intensified our ecological footprint on the planet. By 2030, the global “middle class” is expected to grow from the current 2 billion to more than 5 billion people, with the attendant increases in material consumption, waste generation, and greenhouse gas emissions. And while the quest to eradicate extreme poverty is necessary and important, the science is also clear: we have overshot the carrying capacity of the planet and serious repercussions are now inevitable.

According to John Hagel, there is a strategy of trajectory and strategy of terrain. Can “the bad news” be the result of following an unsustainable strategy of terrain on the #DarkGlobalization? Do we need a strategy of trajectory to the #BrightGlobalization as described in the “right wall” narrative?

Can the evidence on “the bad news” be the result of a wrong wall #DarkGlobalization’s ‘Groupthink’ influence to the whole “business-lead movement” mentioned in “the good news” which seem to be under the assumption that Drucker had written “everything that needs to be known about management…”? For the last quote insight we can thank Doug Morton for pointing out what we here associate to the “business-lead movement” in his response to Melody Wilding story Revisiting the Habits of Highly Effective People.

Is that “business-lead movement” aware of what Peter Drucker himself said in the following image?

Why is that important to help avoid #TheBoPReckoning? The above image was prepared to support the following larger story:

As can be seen, that story says, for example:

In his first major new book since Post-Capitalist Society, Peter F. Drucker discusses the new paradigms of management.

By being “the new Luther,” Peter Drucker’s updates the old paradigm of management of #TheWealthOfNations, the #IndustrialCivilization and where the #Fordism fractal element of independence dominates many institutions, to a new paradigm of management that fits quite nicely with the “right wall” narrative , which says, for example:

To me electricity continues to be the key sector where the opportunities for the #Jobsism fractal element of interdependence that has been available since the above mentioned November 2013 post and because I haven’t still seen a better alternative to introduce the #BrightGlobalization and the #SystemicCivilization. Emulating Victor Hugo, I claim that “ There’s nothing so powerful as #TheWealthOfGlobalization whose time has come.”



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