“It’s not left versus right… that matter” since 1980, “but old versus new.”

Leaving my first three comment below, first is comment #1 by Daniel Levi followed by my respond in comment #6:

This man is not a winner. His party is neck on neck with the racist AfD in the polls. The German SPD sadly stands for open borders, welfare cuts to the local population, welfare to econimic migrants etc. The SPD managed to betray its core voter, the German working class. They have lost all credibility as Germany goes through a massive housing crisis and migrants are given government housing or the rent is part of the welfare. Meanwhile their core constituency is suffering painful rent increases, broken schools and no pre school places. Police and Fire are underpaid. But Germany spends over 1 Billion Euros every year on migrant welfare. This on top of aid to refugee’s in MENA.

Then is my response followed by its external content image.

Please consider a thought experiment that has been updated several times since last year. It’s shown in the image “#GlobalDebout under Macron — four insights from this tweet conversation” that can be seen in the external content. Partly in response to “Why are the populists making inroads in the battle for ideas?,” Martin Schultz’s concentrates on problem solving when he says that “You need to have the courage to say that the world is complicated and that we’re going to find solutions, and then you have to describe and implement those solutions. But the right is focusing on the right problems…” As you deep into the hyperlinks of comments 3, 4 and 5 under this interview, you will see how Alvin Toffler’s Third Wave is about “Grasping the opportunities,” while addressing Second Wave problem solving is the trap that’s “Wasting the crisis.” What seems complicated has been simplified in said experiments: “Grasping the opportunities” corresponds to the simple Updated Global Conceptual Model,” while “Wasting the crisis” to the Simplistic Global Model, under the Dark Globalization and the DeGlobalization.

My first comment is as follows:

Part 1 of 3. This is still another thought experiment being socialized as #SocialBusiness3DoC, with 3DoC meaning approximating the Third Degree of Clarity as #SocialMedia is limited to the Second Degree of Clarity. It is an edited translation of a sequence of four Spanish tweets to be seen in the external content (where you see directly in El País only tweets three and four). The first tweet becomes: “1 of 2. Let’s change the Royal Spanish Academy ‘anti-system’ definition to correspond to the Updated Global Conceptual Model #MCGA that makes obsoletes the Simplistic Globalization Model #MSG. Anti-system: 1. adj. Contrary to the established social or political system. Anti-system movement.” I add: Is that definition of antisystem fair? I suggest it is not. It is unfair as the future is not to be a continuation of the past, as a result of the Computing Big Shift.

This is the first of the four tweets mentioned above:

Now the second comment followed by the the mentioned image and then second tweet.

Part 2 of 3. That Big Shift is the last of those envisioned in the image “A proposal of four communicatiion Big Shifts” that can be seen in the external content of this comment. Alvin Toffler’s book “Future Shock” envisioned in 1970 that fourth Big Shift. Then in his 1980 book “The Third Wave” Toffler envisioned a change in civilization which I coined and conjectured as the #SystemicCivilization. As a result, the first part of the second tweet became: “2 of 2. Proposal #MCGA definitions: Social or political system. 2 [not 1 is what fits from the Spanish Royal Academy]. m. Set of things that related to each other contribute sustainably to a certain object.” The adaptation of the definition was from a vague “orderly” to a more precise “sustainably” given the change to the fourth Big Shift. The second tweet ends with “Social or political antisystem. 1. adj. Contrary to the sustainable social or political system…”.

Now the third comment followed by the third and fourth its corresponding interview and finally the article by The Economist.

Part 3 of 3. The third tweet translates to “Join the #GlobalDebout movement that claims to be pro system. Based on the definitions of the just prior tweets, faced with the growing penetration of the Computing Big Shift, the world is dominated by ‘antisystems’ of the #DarkGlobalization and #DeGlobalization.” The last tweet retweets 5 comments under El Pais “INTERVIEW | LUIS ALMAGRO, OAS SECRETARY GENERAL: “SOMETIMES FAILURES CAN ALSO BRING PROGRESS TOWARD DEMOCRACY ( http://cort.as/-7vji )” by Moises Naim. Comment #2 by Abe Shylock responded #1. Comment #3, #4 and #5 responded #2, adding an image to #4 that says “The Western Alliance need to grow up into the #BrightGlobalization Alliance,” respondng The Economist’s article “The Western alliance is in trouble: That should worry Europe, America and the world.” The text of the fourth tweet says “Given the three tweets just prior to this, the #GlobalDebout movement needs to distribute widely >> [what was retweeted] << to emphasize that the Western Alliance is anti-system, with the opportunity to become a pro-system Alliance of the #BrightGlobalization.”



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