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JOSE A Aug 5, 2018

Foreing direct investment will not help countries meet their economic goal based on the roadmap on the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) for the year 2030.

The reason is simple. It’s explained, for example, by what Jim Collins coined in his book “Good to Great” as “The Flywheel and the Doom Loop,“ which I now associate to the two different game plans mentioned in the next paragraph. The Flywheel has no roadmap. In fact, the SDGs will not help emerged the institutional innovations that were discussed under the article “China’s Summer of Discontent,” written on August 2, 2018, by Minxin Pei, for Project Syndicate.

That discussion led to the partial story “Might China’s “new game plan” come first than the European Union or the USA? ( ).” That story started with my proposal to dissolve Brexit by organizing a European wide referendum for its 28 members. That explains the perception by the hard hit people of the world that the West at this time is probably less democratic than China.


Great absolutely great- with a bit of sarcasm intended!… Here’s a good link to up the anti on the issue of “type of tensions currently enveloping global trade”-

and the rules of the game really need to receive a whole lot more attention, than the “rules” have been getting. Well maybe the rules have been getting attention, since the rules seem to change by the millisecond!

When I viewed the NETFLIX series, OCCUPIED, I though it was good but perhaps a bit far-fetched. Anymore, hey, it probably predictive reality news events up close and personal….if not already a stop-frame-of-past-events.

JOSE A Aug 7, 2018 reply to ELIZABETH PULA Aug 6, 2018

I think your comment fits nicely with other of my thought experiments. It follows those thoughts introduced in the partial story of my first comment. As can be seen, that started calling for a European wide referendum for direct democracy politics to change the rules of the game of representative democracy politics to make Europe democratic.

I will write this as a continuation of that partial story. A new global order might dissolve not just the “type of tensions currently enveloping global trade,“ but also other global “wicked” problems.

I was very interesting but unable to see the Occupied series in NETFLIX, because it is not available for the Dominican Republic. Unlike most people that have not done the deep thinking like me, I have a different unifying interpretation of the Arab Spring, the Spanish 15M, Occupy Wall Street, and most recently Nuit Debout, because I discovered they are not supposed to be just national movements. In fact, national governments don’t have the power they used to have, as power has been globalized.

That’s why my experiments and proposals are centered in the GlobalDebout movement. That happened as I increased the systems architecting scope under its heuristic methodology from the electricity sector “wicked” problem, where I got my first experience, to deal with what emerged as globalization after I conjectured the need for what I coined as the systemic civilization to enable my electricity proposal. That methodology is a way to deal with such “wicked” problems that cannot be solved under the industrial civilization of The Wealth of Nations.

Thank you for the link. In it I saw an insight in “According to Margarita Assenova, an analyst at the Centre for European Policy Analysis who is critical of Nord Stream 2, Russia can double gas exports to Europe via existing Ukrainian pipelines without building the new conduit.” The insight is in the useful life of investment dictated by the above mention referendum the might change direction to the Bright Globalization North Start narrative, instead of Russia’s (UK, Italy and USA) current the direction of the DeGlobalization narrative as a response to the European Union’s Dark Globalization narrative. That may make a lot shorter the potential useful life of Nord Stream 2 and thus question its feasibility.

ELIZABETH PULA Aug 7, 2018 reply to JOSE A Aug 7, 2018

National organizations will probably eventually decentralize to focus better on resolving specific demographic issues. A lot of changes will happen, but that comment of mine is fairly meaningless, as change is the constant factor we always confront on differing levels.

Anyway, it’s shame you can’t see OCCUPIED- it’s set in Norway, about conflicts over Russian gas-line “proprietorship”. Dramatizes the personal conflicts from street level gangs to top political leadership. Pretty good. The more that I read about “gas-line routing issues”, the more that little dramatization explains about possible real behind-the-scenes actions that really don’t get “talked about”. And, definitely not admitted in public anywhere, until someone gets caught with their dirty laundry inadvertently or deliberately revealed somehow or other.

JOSE A Aug 7, 2018 reply to ELIZABETH PULA Aug 7, 2018

Thank you.

From what has emerged so far in my experiments without a road map, we need to have global, national and (one or more) sub-national minimalist interdependent governments that mutually reinforce each other, meaning distributed sovereignty supported in a win-win or no deal approach.

So to complement my two comments, global organizations also need to decentralize. Because we are under a global leadership vacuum, being filled by no democratic interests, the Russian gas-line is a wicked problem.

Finally is the third article mentioned followed by one comment.


It’s to late to confer “Democratic” Legitimacy on multilateral institutions because they do not have ANY legitimacy at that level. They are not and NEVER have been responsible or responsive to the commoner’s needs. The IMF is a notorious hired gun who usually does whatever is best for the international financial interests and leaves the locals in much much worse shape. Look at Greece a success story for multinational financial interests somewhat less so for the locals who were forced to sell off national assets at fire sale prices. And had their social fabric completely destroyed. In the WTO’s case by the time they rule it’s usually a moot the dumping has already occurred or the intellectual property has stolen and used. Which in many ways makes the WTO a joke. The biggest joke might be its continuing description of China has a developing economy that doesn’t steal intellectual property or illegally subsidize its Native corporations.

The new global politics??? You mean the race to the bottom on labor standards, environmental standards or perhaps the race to see which country can offer the lowest tax rates? When this race to the bottom is questioned the only answer we get from our “Representatives” is there is no alternative. Right before they retire sit on these same companies boards. Democracy and Globalization go together like Lambs and Hyenas. I leave it to the readers to decide which is which.



Hashtags on what I stand for: 1 “There is nothing so powerful as #TheWealthOfGlobalization whose time has come;” 2 #BrightGlobalization; 3 #SystemicCivilization

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Jose A Vanderhorst S

Hashtags on what I stand for: 1 “There is nothing so powerful as #TheWealthOfGlobalization whose time has come;” 2 #BrightGlobalization; 3 #SystemicCivilization