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  • Peter F Cerrato

    Peter F Cerrato

    We are each a unique pattern of creativity and if we do not fullfill it it is lost for all time. Martha Graham

  • Luis G. Alou

    Luis G. Alou

  • Andra Sonea

    Andra Sonea

    Banking Systems Architect. Curious. Antifragile.

  • Marc van steyvoort

    Marc van steyvoort

    Entrepeneur - Media Executive - Eco-System changer - @quizzzit @cloudiotv @permissio @ctvsoc @dancathon @zapfi_company

  • CreadorModeloEWPC


    Ganador 1er lugar Juego Redes Inteligentes 2025 del IEEE Spectrum, desplegando todo el poder del Modelo EWPC. Yo Que Pago Tó la Lú, Exijo Una Ley Competitiva

  • James Neal

    James Neal

    Libraries - Museums - Archives - Digital Humanities - Arts & Literature - Music - Cycling - Food/Drink - Information Policy

  • Luis Guzman

    Luis Guzman

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