“The genius of ‘and’ vs the tyranny of ‘or’” — Jim Collins

The conversion of this 4 tweets’ #Hashtags_Network reframes the “tyranny of the ‘or’” WIRED story “What Elon Musk Can Learn From Mastodon — and What He Can’t,” by Arielle Pardes into this “The genius of ‘and’” story that’s meant to get close to the emergent reality. Next is the conversion…

This is how I am glad to see Wei Xiang’s story to go beyond the current philosophy academic environment. That environment is limited to The West’s Enligtenment, which has been interpreted as the second one. The assumption is that the first was the one of Greece. Now we know better after reading his story as an interpreter of Bryan van Norden’s book Taking Back Philosophy.

This tweet that’s part of what I coined as another #Hashtags_Network, has at this moment has 9 tweets. Those tweets interact with an environment through hashtags that I argue is emerging as #AWholeSystem.

Jose A Vanderhorst S

Jose A Vanderhorst S

Hashtags on what I stand for: 1 “There is nothing so powerful as #TheWealthOfGlobalization whose time has come;” 2 #BrightGlobalization; 3 #SystemicCivilization